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Project Overview

In 2025 it is anticipated that Provo will reconstruct the bridge at 820 North 850 West to achieve the following goals:  

  • Upgrading safety by addressing structural deficiencies 

  • Improving comfort by widening sidewalks and adding a new trail for safer, and more convenient access 

  • Supporting connectivity to neighborhoods, trails, parks, and bike lanes into the future by right-sizing the bridge for a 75-year life span 


The project is currently in the design phase and the team is working on designs that will be shown to the public at an open house later this summer. The team will be meeting with residents, local businesses, and community groups through the spring and summer to share information about the project and listen to questions and concerns.  

To stay up to date please subscribe for email updates. We’ll be sending periodic updates about the design and when we’ll be at community events.  


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